Raginae Laughlin Piano Instruction
Teaching Philosophy and Method


Any "method" starts with looking at the personality and preferences of the student. Students should be part of the process in choosing music.

Technique can be extracted from music that brings joy to the student rather that achieving technique through boring, repetitious exercises.

Students are encouraged to use as many of the senses as possible to assist in the learning process

Genuine positive reinforcement and encouragement are important to success. Rather than stating that something is "wrong", using language like"that rhythm is different".

Each student learns at their own pace. The journey should be as pleasant as the destination when learning a composition.

Natural body alignment and posture is important to maintain so the student movements are efficient and effective.

The student is empowered to be their own "best teacher". Not only is the student taught how to play but taught how to practice.

Music is a profound tool for self-expression. The student should feel a connection to the music he or she plays.

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